Bidet Supplies WA only sells the time tested quality Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 electronic bidet toilet seat that comes with a full 2 year warranty. It’s manufactured in South Korea for the American, European, Asian and Australian Market.

Bidet Supplies WA has been selling the Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 electronic bidet toilet seat since it was introduced to the Australian market as it’s one of the few quality units that meets all necessary Australian certifications and regulations.

Unlike most electronic bidet toilet seats in the marketplace that have limited backflow prevention measures, the Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 has the following backflow prevention measures:

  • Solenoid
  • Reservoir Air Gap; and
  • Dual Check Flow Valve


  • Convenient remote control with soft touch buttons.
  • Posterior wash.
  • Feminine wash.
  • Turbo (Enema) wash.
  • Heated seat and warm air drier.
  • Auto-smart power saving functions.
  • Powerful deodorizer with carbon filter.
  • Hydraulic seat and cover.
  • Easy operation for disabled and handicapped.
  • Back flow prevention to Australian Standards.
  • Safety sensors for seat and internal electronics.
  • Quick release makes cleaning fast and easy.
  • Free installation, requires a power point within 1 metre of the toilet.
  • Will fit almost all Australian toilets.
  • No ongoing maintenance required.
  • Has been accepted for many state funded programs.


The BB 1000 Bio Bidet can also be used on a Helping Hand Raiser which attaches directly to the toilet and has three height adjustments.

This accessory has removable arms and assists persons with sitting and raising themselves from the normal toilet height which is of great benefit to persons with a disability

The unit also allows easy access for a wheel chair patient to access the bidet as it attaches directly to the toilet bowl and does not have legs and is more secure than other models

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