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Bidet Supplies WA is the original electronic bidet toilet seat supplier in Western Australia reputed for customer care, service and satisfaction since 2005.

Bidet Supplies WA offers in-home demonstrations* to prospective customers highlighting the features of the electronic bidet toilet seat and ensuring that the correct version is chosen for installation. Furthermore after installation is carried out, a second demonstration of the unit is carried out to reinforce the features and operation of the electronic bidet toilet seat.

Bidet Supplies WA is the reseller of the internationally acclaimed Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 in Western Australia and has a reputation for service above most suppliers as any service that is rarely required after initial install is carried out by its qualified staff members. These staff members who are also users of the products are not just sales focused but instead are committed and passionate about ensuring customers’ expectations are met.

Over the years Bidet Supplies WA has sold the BB-1000 to many hundreds of customers of all walks of life who are not only satisfied with the product and friendly service but have also recommended it to family and friends.

Eager to change the world and satisfy your requirements!

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